Emily Scott, Pastor

Emily is delighted to be a member of the Baltimore community, and loves learning from this vibrant, connected city. Emily is a church planter — someone who starts new church communities! A Lutheran pastor of the ELCA, she loves to create new spiritual spaces that are brimming with life, questions, and hope for a more just world. With Dreams and Visions, Emily is excited co-create a faith community that dismantles fear and hate, affirms LGBTQ people, and confronts racial injustice. 

From 2008-2017, Emily founded and served as pastor of St. Lydia's Dinner Church in Brooklyn, where worship is a full meal, shared around a dinner table. Emily and the congregation were involved on combatting police brutality and a lack of affordable housing with organizations such as Faith in New York

Emily served as the Director of Worship at The Riverside Church from 2007-2009, and was co-founder of Music That Makes Community. A graduate of Yale Divinity School, Emily received the Alumni Award for Distinction in Congregational Ministry in 2016.

Email Emily at emily@dreamsandvisionsbaltimore.org

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We are creating Dreams and Visions together, and you are a part of the process. Your dreams and visions are welcome here, and your contributions of all kinds, too! Sanctuary Gatherings are planned collaboratively, and there are always roles to fill at each one. Come early to help set up, stay late to clean up, or play a specific role. Your ideas are needed for Dream Baltimore events, or maybe you feel called to host a Dream Abbey!

Every newsletter lists jobs that need doing and opportunities to offer your gifts.


Novoa Champion

Novoa was born in Towson, Maryland and grew up in various parts of Baltimore. A musician before even attending school, visual arts came about in his later years, beginning with pin hole photography.

Novoa has played in France, the Bahamas and the US. He loves working with other artists, collaborating on everything from classical/contemporary music to visual arts.

Novoa has always dreamed of traveling the world and sharing the gift of music. A lover of intimate musical settings, he’s also explored playing for larger audiences while still having an intimate sound.

A humanitarian and a very liberal believer in love, most people would consider Novoa a hippie (lol!) but he just kind of goes with the flow and doesn’t stress. He delivers the best that he can and hopes that you all enjoy my music and visual art.


Collaborators and Storytellers

Sunday Sanctuaries a guest sharing their story. At past services, we’ve heard from Brother Merrick Moses, who shared a story of trans re-naming, and Charlene Rock-Foster from Baltimore Ceasefire share how their work has created a new dream and vision for the city of Baltimore.