make dreams a reality


Welcome for Folks who have not always received it

You may have needed a space like Dreams and Visions when you were a kid. Or you may know someone who needs it now.

Be part of creating that place of welcome in Baltimore, for someone who needs to hear the message that they are loved by God.

Dreams are free and visions cost nothing, but renting space, materials for art projects, and paying our musicians and pastor all take funding!

Your generosity will allow our fledgling congregation to continue to thrive and grow.

Your Gift will be received by the Delaware Maryland Synod

The Synod (that's a geographic grouping of churches) is the reason we're here, helping us lift off with generous financial support and lots of prayers and love!

Your tax deductible gift will go straight to Dreams and Visions. Just select “Dreams and Visions” when you check out.