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Second Sunday Gathering: A Dreams and Visions Wedding!

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Every Second Sunday Dreams and Visions gathers for worship. At this month's gathering, we'll be celebrating something very special! The marriage of Diane and Ernest!

Diane has been a dedicated member of the Dreams and Visions community since we launched. We were so glad to get to know her partner Ernest, and welcome him as well.

Their wedding will give us the opportunity not only to celebrate their love, but to reflect on the gifts God gives us through Queer relationships and family.

Everyone is welcome to come and be a part of this day, whether you call yourself spiritual, religious, or none of the above! And everyone who comes with a spirit of love is invited to be a part of blessing the marriage of Diane and Ernest.


At this gathering we will:

-Sing with Salem Mattaniah Kamalu, our musician, and Morgan Coleman, our guest musician
-Read scripture together
-Hear a sermon from Emily about the gifts of queer love and relationships.
-Gather around the table for communion


Help Make it Happen!
We have two volunteers who are bringing red roses (Diane's request) and a cake!
We're also looking for someone to decorate, someone to pick up rings (you can be reimbursed) as well as greeters to make sure everyone feels welcome


Help Support Diane and Ernest!

We want to surround Diane and Ernest with our love and support. If you are able, please contribute to one of the items on their registry, so they can start married life with ease.


Finding Dreams and Visions!
When you arrive at 3400 Norman Ave, look for the BIG RED DOORS and enter there! We have a sandwich board out to help guide you. The entrance is close to Lake Avenue.


Transportation and Parking!
If you're driving, there is plenty of street parking in the area. The 22 and 54 bus will bring you within a short walk of the gathering space.


Kids are key and their presence and participation in worship is desired!
The hall where we'll gather has lots of room for kids to roam. There will be an area for babies and another one for bigger kids, right in the worship space.
There will plenty of sights and sounds to captivate them during worship. Encourage your kids to join in worship and singing.
Feel free to move around the space or come and go as needed, as well as dispense snacks and bottles! Taking off shoes will allow kids to move around with minimal noise.


There will be chairs available during every part of the worship service. You are also welcome to stand or move around the space. There is a parking space and entrance for anyone who has limited mobility or cannot navigate stairs. Please email emily@dreamsandvisionsbaltimore to get all the details.


Trans Welcome!
Everyone is invited to wear a name tag with their name and pronouns. There is a single stall, all gender restroom just down the hall from our worship space.


What is Dreams and Visions?
Dreams and Visions is a spiritual community in Baltimore that’s awake to the realities of our world and alive to the possibilities of God. We gather once a month on the Second Sunday of the month for worship.

Together, we’re creating an imaginative space of restoration, where we find the courage to be our full selves. We are a community rooted in the faith and experiences of LGBTQ+ people.

At Dreams and Visions, we seek to pattern our lives after Jesus, that healer, agitator, and teacher who stands on the side of the oppressed.

A project of the Lutheran Church (ELCA) and supported by the Delaware-Maryland Synod. Lutherans believe that God no matter how far we have wandered, we are never out of God's reach. We believe that grace is offered freely: we don't need to earn God's love.
Dreams and Visions affirms that everyone, including LGBTQ folk, is made in the image of God.